What to buy the skier who has everything?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah or your best friend’s most recent lap around the sun; we are all ears when it comes to great gift ideas for the passionate skiers amongst us. The problem is, most of these die-hard winter people are also gear junkies who have most of the latest gadgets and toys… so what on earth do you buy them?

The struggle is real, so the Mabey Ski gang have put our heads together to come up with some ‘out-of-the-box’ gift ideas that you will most likely not encounter in your local ski shop.

Mabey Ski_Leki Hot Shot Poles_Ali Mabey_Nigel Blundell and Marcus Blundell.JPG

Leki Hot Shot Poles

Leki have always made some of the best ski poles in the business, but they’ve gone a step further here and anticipated some of the most pressing needs that skiers encounter on the hill by inventing poles that essentially replace your hip flask. Unscrew the handle, fill with up to 200ml of your favourite ‘sports tonic’ - and you’re away. The poles come with all the high-end features that Leki is known for; namely, the Trigger S system which allows you to click in and out of your poles effortlessly. End of the day chairlift rides are about to take on a new meaning.

Check out the poles online.

GBP £114.95


What started as an accessory, has now become a necessity after this simple but oh-so-practical goggle protector exploded onto the scene. Made of recycled bottles, the Gogglesoc™ is a stretchy microfibre cover that is designed to be used when your goggles are not in use. They are indispensable; use them in your backpack, on top of your helmet in a snowstorm, skinning up the mountain or when they get tossed aside at après. They will keep your lens dust-free, dry and you can clean your lens with them if you need. They come in a tonne of colours and designs, and if you are like the team at Mabey Ski, you can order a few hundred through a custom order with your own special artwork and give them to your ski crazy friends for years to come.

Click here to find out more.

USD $14.95

Mabey Ski_Gogglesoc.PNG

Mabey Ski_Jubel Beer_Alpine.jpg

Jubel Beer

Every skier knows that there is beer, and there is the beer you find in the Alps. The two cannot be confused, and usually the latter cannot be found outside our favourite mountain towns. But the heavens have opened as Jubel Beer has answered our prayers and brewed a lager in the dangerously refreshing beer tradition called demi-pêche, found in most ski bars throughout the Alps. It’s a crisp, clean and light-bodied Pilsner with a blend of zesty peach notes that will be received with rapturous affection by your favourite snow-loving, beer-swilling human.

Check them out online to find a dealer near you.

Prices from GBP £1.80 per bottle

Children’s Ski Book

A children’s ski book is the perfect way to help your kids build on their love for skiing and get them excited for some winter fun. Olympic skier Libby Ludlow has teamed up with internationally known illustrator and PSIA certified ski instructor Nathan Y. Jarvis, to create an alphabet book about the magical world of skiing. A-B-Skis is a playground of words and pictures from A to Z that’s sure to get your tiny rippers excited for winter fun.

Click here to pre-order your copy online.

USD $25

Mabey Ski_A-B Skis



PFD Skis

Born out of a young designer’s passion for quality craftsmanship and an obsession for skiing, PFD is a bespoke handmade ski company that has put in years of rigorous testing to develop a ski to deliver the highest standards of performance and aesthetics with zero margin for compromise. Their products use carbon neutral and responsibly sourced bamboo which contributes to over 70% of their production. They also use a carbon layer and a couple of fibreglass layers which means the combined strength to weight ratio of the skis are second to none. They have snowboards and skis in the range from all-mountain to powder specific skis. The skis are beautifully constructed and have to be seen to be believed…

Check them out online.

Prices from GBP £695

Fourheart Rechargeable/Reusable Hand Warmers

It’s time to move on from those disposable little hand warmers we keep in case of a frozen hand emergency, Fourheat has developed the ultimate solution. And let’s face it, it can happen to anyone; taking a phone call on the chair, helping your kids with their gear, rummaging through your backpack or a cold snap that simply takes you by surprise. This rechargeable device has 3 temperature settings, is designed to prevent scalding and also doubles as a portable battery charger.

The Mabey Ski team have a first-hand positive review for their electric socks, so check out the whole range for toasty toes and hands on your next trip to the mountains.

USD $29.99

Mabey Ski_FourheartHandwarmer.jpg


A Heli-Skiing Experience

Need we say more? The pinnacle of powder skiing experiences out there is heli-skiing, and even if your ‘skier who has everything’ has been before, there is ALWAYS time for another day in the Heli. Even if you are a non-skier, it’s easy to understand the thrill of a day spent in a helicopter with a guide and other like-minded people - enjoying fresh powder and untracked snow. After such an incredible experience they will literally be grinning ear to ear. New Zealand is a world-class provider of heli-skiing and you can even get a seat in the Heli in Japan if you are lucky with the weather. Canada is the world-leader in heli-ski adventures and is literally brimming with Heli operations… contact Mabey Ski to enquire about the best operations around the world and we will help you get the gift certificate organised.

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