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Ski Touring in Antarctica

Experience the thrill of skiing in the most pristine and remote wilderness on Earth

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13 day expedition
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4 guests per guide
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From US$13,995 per guest

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime in Antarctica! Embark on a thrilling ski expedition to explore one of the most remote and awe-inspiring places on Earth. Join us for a journey that will take you from the stunning landscapes of Ushuaia, Argentina, to the icy wilderness of the seventh continent.

18-30 October 2023
19-31 October 2024

An unparalleled experience of skiing through pristine snow, visiting scientific research bases, and encountering unique wildlife. The journey takes guests to some of the most breathtaking ski slopes in the world, amidst stunning glaciers and ice formations, and includes multiple shore landings and Zodiac excursions. Accommodations are provided aboard the luxurious Ocean Victory, with gourmet meals, comfortable cabins, and a range of onboard facilities. Expert guides lead guests on skiing expeditions, sharing their knowledge of the region and ensuring guests have an unforgettable adventure.

Taking place in the remote and pristine wilderness of Antarctica, guests will ski amidst breathtaking glaciers, ice formations, and stunning landscapes. You will also have an opportunity to visit several scientific research bases and encounter unique wildlife, such as penguins, whales, and seals. The journey begins and ends in Ushuaia, Argentina, with a two-day crossing of the Drake Passage before arriving in Antarctica. The trip itinerary includes visits to several stunning locations in the Antarctic Peninsula, including Neko Harbour, Anvers and Wenke Islands, Ronge/Island/Mt. Britannia, Paradise Bay, Lemaire Channel/Mt. Scott/Mt. Demaria/Mt. Mill, and Charlotte Bay.

This trip is best suited for adventure-seeking skiers of intermediate level, ideally with some ski touring experience. However, for those without ski touring experience, it is possible to join a 2-day course in Argentina prior to the trip, where you can learn about uphill travel, transitioning and how to use avalanche safety gear. Guests should have a good level of fitness and be comfortable skiing in various snow conditions and terrain, as well as be prepared for the potentially rough sea crossing of the Drake Passage. The Ocean Victory can accommodate up to 140 guests, though there will be a maximum of 4 guests per guide.

Due to the unique and exclusive nature of this expedition, this adventure ski trip runs once per year;
- 18 October 2023 to 30 October 2023
- 19 October 2024 to 31 October 2024
The journey begins with a night in Ushuaia, Argentina, before boarding the Ocean Victory the following day. The trip itinerary includes two days crossing the Drake Passage, with skiing and exploration activities in Antarctica for the remaining days, before returning to Ushuaia on the final day.


Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of exploring one of the last untouched frontiers on earth, as you journey to a land of pristine glaciers and icebergs that have never been tamed by man. Marvel at the raw magnificence of the landscape, surrounded by seabirds and marine life such as minke whales, black-browed albatross, snow petrels, penguins and seals.

Your adventure starts with the rest of the group in Ushuaia, Argentina before boarding the Ocean Albatros and crossing the Drake Passage. Once we reach Antarctica, you’ll ski in small groups of four with an experienced guide, based on your ability, experience and objectives.This trip is designed to take you to some of the most stunning locations in Antarctica, including Neko Harbour, Anvers Island, Wenke Island, and Paradise Bay. You’ll get to explore penguin rookeries, visit scientific bases and museums, and take in the breathtaking views of the Lemaire Channel and Cape Horn.

This trip is designed for those who yearn for adventure and are captivated by the isolation and natural beauty of Antarctica. Flexibility is key when it comes to Antarctic travel, as conditions can change rapidly. So, be prepared for surprises and enjoy the journey! You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in daily shore landings, lectures and zodiac excursions, where you will delve into the history, biology, geology and politics of our Southernmost continent.

Ski Terrain in Antarctica

Skiing in Antarctica is breathtakingly beautiful and unique, featuring vast, open slopes and pristine snow untouched by human activity. Skiers can enjoy a variety of terrain, including gentle rolling hills and challenging couloirs, with some of the most stunning ski descents in the world. The peaks and glaciers of Antarctica provide a stunning backdrop for skiing, with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the vast Southern Ocean.

Ski amidst the stunning backdrop of Anvers and Wenke Islands, where the slopes offer a unique challenge for intermediate to advanced skiers. Take on the steep and varied terrain of Ronge Island, with its breathtaking views of Mt. Britannia, and glide across the powder-covered slopes of Paradise Bay, soaking up the awe-inspiring beauty of the towering glaciers and ice cliffs. Traverse the Lemaire Channel, where you can ski down the majestic slopes of Mt. Scott, Mt. Demaria, and Mt. Mill, before heading to Charlotte Bay for an unforgettable ski adventure in one of the most remote and pristine locations on earth.

Please note, this trip is best suited for intermediate to advanced skiers who have some ski touring experience. If not, we recommend joining the 2-day course that takes place in Argentina prior to the trip.

Other Activities in Antarctica

While skiing is a major draw to Antarctica, there are plenty of activities for non-skiers to enjoy as well. Snowshoeing is a popular option, allowing you to explore the breathtaking landscape while traversing across the snow. There are also opportunities for kayaking, wildlife watching, and photography. You can observe the unique behaviors of penguins and seals, marvel at the stunning ice formations, or simply enjoy the solitude and tranquility of one of the world’s last true wilderness areas. Daily shore landings and lectures provide insight into the history, biology, geology, and politics of this fascinating continent.

With its calm and pristine bays, inlets, and channels, kayaking in Antarctica offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the raw beauty and majesty of the region up close and personal. Glide silently past towering icebergs, paddle among colonies of penguins and seals, and marvel at the rugged coastline and stunning vistas. With the guidance of experienced instructors and in small groups, you can discover the many wonders of this remote and captivating land from the seat of your kayak.

Zodiac tours are a thrilling way to explore the waters around Antarctica. These inflatable boats allow you to navigate closer to icebergs, glaciers, and wildlife than any other vessel. You’ll feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea on your face as you zip across the water. With a small group of fellow adventurers, you’ll be able to see penguins, seals, whales, and other animals up close and personal. Zodiac tours are also a great way to get a sense of the size and scale of the landscape, with towering cliffs and ice formations rising all around you. An unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss!


Main Deck Balcony: US$13,995 per guest
French Balcony: US$14,495 per guest
Balcony Stateroom: US$15,995 per guest
Balcony Suite: US$17,995 per guest
Single Porthole: US$19,995 per guest
Junior Balcony Suite: US$20,995 per guest
Premium Balcony Suite: US$21,995 per guest

US$2,200 fee per guest for ski mountaineering
US$3,000 fee per guest for ski mountaineering + kayaking
US$1,600 fee per guest for sea kayaking
US$1,000 fee per guest for snowshoe trekking
US$750 fee per guest for glacier travel clinic

*Airfare not included
*All pricing per person
*All cabins are double occupancy (single porthole rooms excluded)

October 18-30, 2023
October 19-31, 2024

13 days, 12 nights

Ski Level:
Intermediate – Expert

140 passengers on-board
4 guests per guided group


  • One night pre-expedition shared hotel accommodation in Ushuaia with continental breakfast
  • Group dinner in Ushuaia
  • Group transfers from the hotel to the ship on embarkation and from the ship to the airport on disembarkation
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner onboard the Ocean Victory
  • Shore landings and Zodiac excursions as permitted by weather and local conditions
  • Presentations by the Expedition Team and guest speakers
  • Expedition certificate
  • Photographic trip-log chronicling the voyage
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information package
  • Use of a pair of rubber expedition boots on loan for shore landings


  • Airfares to or from your home city
  • Passport and visa expenses
  • Tourist entry fees (if applicable)
  • Ski touring or trekking equipment
  • Any meals ashore with the exception of breakfast at the host hotel and the welcome dinner on the evening prior to departure
  • Baggage, cancellation and travel insurance (emergency medical and evacuation insurance is mandatory – Mabey Ski recommends Global Rescue)
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges onboard the ship or at the hotel
  • Telecommunications and WiFi charges or the customary gratuity at the end of the voyage for stewards, guides, and other service personnel

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to ski in one of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth!