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Single day heli-skiing adventures

A day to remember

If you love skiing powder in the resort, or in the backcountry and find that the snow gets tracked out a little bit fast for your liking, why not add on a day of heli-skiing to your adventure? We currently offer day trips in New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Italy as an extension of our Mabey Ski custom trips – if skiing untracked powder and no chairlifts sounds like your idea, drop us a line and spice up your ski trip today!

Mabey Ski duffel bag luggage in front of stationary helicopter
red helicopter in front of snowy ski chalet and trees

Single day heli-skiing FAQs

Whilst heli-skiing isn't suitable for beginner skiers, if you are an advanced intermediate skier or higher, who can ski blue runs with complete confidence and not phased by skiing most black runs (or red runs in Europe) then you will be able to ski at many of our locations. Some of our lodges are more focused at advanced and expert level skiers, however many lodges offer a wide variety of terrain for different skier levels.

A good level of general fitness and strength makes the experience more enjoyable - you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines with your friends skiing fresh powder because you didn't do your squats!

If you're still in doubt, give us an email or a call and we will be happy to make a better assessment for you.

It depends on where you are looking to heli-ski and how many runs you would like to do. The day trips that we offer start at around $700USD per person for a days heli-skiing.

Generally, no. Helicopters will only fly in good weather for safety reasons, which is why we recommend booking your heli-ski day towards the beginning of your trip, so that if you come across inclement weather, we will be able to reschedule this to another day during your trip.

The minimum number of runs is usually 3, but it depends where you are skiing. We offer some unlimited days if you are feeling fit and ready, otherwise some of our partners offer 3,4 and 6 run days (with the option to pay for additional runs on the day). The more runs you do, the better value you tend to get.

Yes, we cater heli-skiing days to a number of ability levels from advanced intermediate through to expert freerider. If you are looking to ski specific lines and hit big mountain terrain, have a chat with us and we can arrange a suitable guide and smaller helicopter for those sniper landing zones.

We might be a bit biased, but YES - 100%! Almost all of our guests (and our staff) who heli-ski say it is the best day's skiing they've ever had. Untouched snow, no lifts, incredible views and a private mountain range, what more can you ask for?

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