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Luxury Heli-Ski Lodge adventures

Experience your dream ski adventure whilst enjoying, breathtaking views, and exceptional comfort in our luxury lodges.

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Not your average ski trip

Looking to upgrade your annual ski trip? Whether it’s your first time stepping foot in a helicopter or your 20th time, we have hand-picked the very best lodges around the world to suit a range of skill level, group dynamic and budget. With partners in British Columbia, Baffin Island, New Zealand, Patagonia, Iceland and beyond, we will make sure that your heli-ski trip has the perfect mix of adventure, indulgence and exploration to suit you.

Jenny and Bert C

A once-in-a-lifetime trip. Mabey Ski made every aspect of organising easy and enjoyable. A unique and magical experience

Experience Luxury Heli-Skiing

Escape the crowded slopes in search of untouched powder with heli-skiing, allowing you to carve your way through beautiful mountain ranges, accessing some of the most sought-after terrain in the world. The experience doesn’t stop there; after a day of heli-skiing, you can relax at our luxury lodges with gourmet dining, hot tubs and a personalised service helping you relax and immersive yourself into the beautiful surroundings.

Stay in our Luxury Heli-Ski Lodges

snow covered log cabins with mountains in background

Heli-Ski Lodge BC Trips

British Columbia offers some of the best heli-skiing in the world, with more reliable weather, snowfall. Our luxury heli-ski lodge trips provide a comfortable yet challenging experience gliding down the powdery slopes and then retreating to a cosy and luxurious lodge to rest and chat about the day’s adventures.

Heli-Ski Lodge NZ Trips

New Zealand heli-ski lodge trips give you the chance to ski untouched powder in wide-open slopes, bowls and experience the thrill of powder skiing. Our Heli-Ski Lodge NZ Trips are adrenaline filled but after a day on the slopes you’ll retreat to a luxury lodge where the second part of your luxury experience begins.

Heli-Ski Lodge Canada

Canada is renowned for its world class skiing slopes and beautiful scenery. Your heli-ski lodge trip in Canada awaits you, spend all day carving through snow capped mountains and then relax back at your heli-ski lodge to take in your adrenaline filled day!

A Luxurious Day of Heli-Skiing

Begin your day with a full-cooked breakfast, prepared by the in-house chef. After fuelling up, make your way to the ski room, grab your gear and head to the helipad where your helicopter and guides await. Take off and soar up to the alpine, flying over the towering peaks and old growth forests. Spend your day skiing perfect champagne powder, until your legs feel like jelly and your face aches from smiling. Re-live the thrills of the day whilst relaxing in the outdoor hot tub with a beer in hand, soaking in the views of the snow-capped mountains. After some relaxation, it’s time to indulge in another gourmet feast, specially created by the executive chef. After dinner, unwind and relax by the fire with a digestif, or head to the bar to celebrate another epic ski day.

Your Heli-Ski Mountain guides

Mabey Ski is here to guide you on your epic heli-ski trip, leading you through the untamed backcountry slopes, enchanting alpine forests, and awe-inspiring glacial formations. Get ready to experience the ultimate skiing adventure as we take you to the most breath taking powder slopes you’ve ever dreamed of.

We know that some of the best memories come from when you step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Our team lives to ski and travel, and our passion lies in bringing that knowledge and experience together to give you the kind of adventure and excitement you will chase for the rest of your life.

Embrace your surroundings

Enjoy the beautiful mountains in some of the most remote settings in the world whilst heli-skiing. Feel the adrenaline rush and embrace your surroundings as you ski through untracked powder – it’s not everyday you have a backdrop of towering mountain ranges, valleys and alpine forests. Take advantage of your rest times to recharge whilst enjoying food and drink in the most breathtaking panoramic scenery in the world.

Enjoy Delicious Gourmet Food

After spending all day heli-skiing you’ll surely have a large appetite, and what better way to fulfil those needs than a hearty 3-course meal with a roaring fire whislt reliving the thrills of the day with your new heli-ski friends. The dining experience at your luxury ski lodge will  exceeds all your expectations with the executive chef personalising your meals with visually stunning and delicious dishes you’ll remember for a lifetime. Some of our lodges even have their own wine cellars featuring a selection of the finest wines to compliment your meal.

Your Ski Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

Picture yourself skiing through fresh powder surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and oldgrowth forests. Then after your exhilarating day, you retreat to your luxury lodge where you can continue to soak up the mountain views, sit back, and relax whilst the gourmet chef takes their time to curate mouth-watering dishes. After enjoying delicious food you settle down to relax with a glass of wine by the cosy fireplace sharing stories from the day on the mountain or enjoying the luxury lodges facilities from therapeutic spa treatments to lavish hot tubs ready for you to relax as night falls on the mountain range.

Lodge Heli-Skiing Know-Before-You-Go

Lodge based heli-skiing FAQs

That's where we come in. We have stayed and skied at many of the best ski lodges around the world, each of which has it's own particular charms and quirks. We won't sell a seat on a trip just for the sake of it, we will get to know you and your dynamic before suggesting the best lodges and packages to suit your ability, tastes, budget and dynamic. Chat to our team for a no-obligation quote today.

Whilst heli-skiing isn't suitable for beginner skiers, if you are an advanced intermediate skier or higher, who can ski blue runs with complete confidence and not phased by skiing most black runs (or red runs in Europe) then you will be able to ski at many of our locations. Some of our lodges are more focused on advanced and expert level skiers, however many lodges offer a wide variety of terrain for different skier and snowboarder levels.

A good level of general fitness and strength makes the experience more enjoyable - you don't want to be sat on the sidelines whilst your friends are skiing fresh powder because you didn't do your squats!

If you're still in doubt, send us an email or a phone us on +44 20 8144 5687 and we will be happy to make a better assessment for you.

It really depends where you go, but as a guide prices start at around CAD$7,000 for a 4 day heli-ski trip in BC. Whilst this is expensive, bear in mind this includes guiding, fuel, heli-time, all meals and accommodation, and believe us, you will be looked after like a rockstar from the moment you arrive!

We usually suggest booking at least one year in advance to have the best possible chance of heli-skiing when and where you would like to. If you can give more notice, even better.

Having said that, last minute spots do pop up, so please let us know what you're looking for and we will try our very best to make it happen - we have booked guests in for the very next week before!

More advanced notice also allows you to put down a deposit and then pay the rest in manageable instalments to spread out the cost.

It's actually much easier to ski untouched powder than you would think - it's far easier than skiing chopped up powder that you will ski at most resorts. Paired with modern powder skis (or "fat" skis), you will be surprised at how easy and "floaty" powder skiing is. Of course, it is still tiring to ski all day, so don't skip on your squats before coming - it will be worth it!

As long as you have a fairly decent level of fitness, you will be absolutely fine on a multi-day heli-ski trip. Whilst it can seem like an intimidating step-up from resort skiing, most of our first-time heli skiers re-book their next trip as soon as they return from their first. You will be skiing with people of similar ability and experience, or can even look at a private heli-ski group. If you have any hesitations or concerns, just let us know - our team were once first-timers, and are now all experienced heli-skiers.

Whilst most of our guests book multi-day trips between 4 and 7 days, we can arrange custom trips up to 14 days plus on request. Please note that when heli-skiing over peak dates (typically January and February), there can be more down-days due to snowfall, so it is best to account for that when booking.

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