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Picture serene snow-capped peaks that plunge into deep blue fjords…

Skiing Norway’s Lyngen Alps is a touring paradise with boat trips, untouched snow and mesmerising routes that are surrounded by glassy-surfaced lagoons.

For ski touring in Norway, it’s a no-brainer. Backcountry routes weave through valleys, glaciers, peaks and creeks. You can take a boat across the magnanimous Lyngenfjord, click into your skis and get lost in a world of dry powder and natural beauty. To top it all off, it could be the world’s most beautiful spot for catching the Northern Lights on winter nights. 

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Adventures so memorable even the locals want a taste

This is just one of the incredible experiences we have booked for our guests. If you are interested in skiing anywhere in Norway, just drop us a line and we will make your dream ski trip a reality.

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