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Yacht and basecamp heli-ski adventures

Time to step it up a notch…

If you’re looking for the ultimate bragging rights, unrivalled adventure and a truly one-of-a-kind heli-skiing trip, then you are on the right page. Maybe you’ve stayed at a lodge several times and are looking for a new thrill, or want to jump right in at the top end of our experiences, heli-skiing from the back of your private yacht, or from your own purpose built arctic basecamp will mean the very highest level of service, completely customized skiing programs and the chance to be the first people to ever ski a run (with naming rights, of course). Take a peek at some of our most spectacular trips below.

Mabey Ski Weber arctic basecamp with igloos, helicopter & snowplough
Guests gather at the arctic floe edge on Baffin Island
Mabey Ski Bella Coola catamaran sailing boat
Catamaran boat with mountain backdrop
Bella Coola Catamaran Hot Tub yacht heli-skiing
Canada Catamaran at night with Northern Lights
Interior of Mabey Ski Bella Coola Catamaran Yacht heli-skiing
Mabey Ski Bella Coola Catamaran Yacht Skiing
Mabey Ski Catamaran Skiing Trip descending mountain in front of see

Yacht and basecamp heli-skiing FAQs

Whilst heli-skiing isn't suitable for beginner skiers, if you are an advanced intermediate skier or higher, who can ski blue runs with complete confidence and not phased by skiing most black runs (or red runs in Europe) then you will be able to ski at many of our locations. Some of our lodges are more focused at advanced and expert level skiers, however many lodges offer a wide variety of terrain for different skier levels.

A good level of general fitness and strength makes the experience more enjoyable - you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines with your friends skiing fresh powder because you didn't do your squats!

If you're still in doubt, give us an email or a call and we will be happy to make a better assessment for you.

On most of our heli-ski trips, first descents can be a bonus feature if the weather aligns, however on our yacht and arctic basecamp trips, there is so much un-skied terrain due to the remote and difficult to access geography that we can indeed guarantee first descents (and the all important naming rights!). If a first descent is a priority to you and you fancy skiing from a lodge instead, please let us know and we will be able to suggest the best lodges for a chance to ski and name a first descent.

Yes! On our catamaran heli-skiing trip, you can in fact bring up to 16 people (with up to 8 skiers). Please chat to us regarding your group dynamic - if you'd like to bring your partner or assistant with you on the yacht, we can certainly arrange this at a small extra fee to cover additional food and cleaning. Please bare in mind that most of the guest cabins are set up for double occupancy, so we can let you know how to be arrange sleeping and living quarters.
There are plenty of non-skiing activities available from the yacht including fishing, boat trips, natural hot spring excursions and much more.

We can often organize these options at a reduced rate, when you opt to take a 3,4 or 5 day trip instead of a 7 day trip, so chat to us and we'll let you know the options that will work best for your group dynamic.

Whilst the yacht will be moored up in incredibly remote settings within coastal inlets, your yacht provides all of the comforts and luxuries of home including wi-fi and a satellite phone can be arranged if necessary. All dining is fine-dining style.
The Baffin Island basecamp is in a rugged and wild arctic setting, however you will be sleeping in real, incredibly comfortable beds inside wind and weather proof geo-metric domes and there will be a communal "lodge" area where you will be treated to 3 course freshly cooked dinner and an extensive wine menu.
Whilst the ski are is rugged and wild on both trips, the service and sleeping quarters are quite the opposite.

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