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Coronavirus Advice

4 skiers ascending Lyngen Alps in Norway

Be Safe Together

We’re continuing to work closely with our partners on the ground and preferred accommodation providers to ensure your future ski adventure is as safe as possible.

From increased sanitization and mask mandates, to considerate spacing and flexible terms, the team at Mabey Ski and our partners are doing everything we can to put your mind at ease.

Now, more than ever, our guests are finding comfort in using our service – having a real person to talk to and ask questions when booking your next ski trip allows you to sit back and look forward to your trip without the added stress.


Lockdown has isolated us from everything we hold near and dear, and our hunger for adventure is reaching new heights. We’re desperate to fill our lungs with mountain air, but what if we can’t travel?

We understand how frustrating it is to make future plans during these ever-changing times, which is why we’ve created a flexible policy.

If you need to cancel or postpone your ski trip for any reason our terms provide a 100% refund up to 60 days before departure for all new bookings or the option to postpone for free*. We want you to have total peace of mind when you ski with us, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Please refer to our full Booking Terms & Conditions for further information.

Your Hosts & Guides

If you are joining a hosted ski trip your guide and/or host will be there for you to make sure you’re well-informed and feeling safe throughout your trip. They will adjust logistics should something not be up to standard.

For all trips, ski guides and hosts must ensure they are feeling well, and must disclose any symptoms of, or potential exposure to, COVID-19 prior to guiding and hosting.

Whenever possible, your guide and/or host will maintain proper physical distancing from you and other guests. If your guide needs to assist with gear or explain skills within close proximity, they will wear a face mask and gloves.

We are here to not only create your dream ski adventure, but to make sure everything goes smoothly during and after the trip too. We have local partners serving as our eyes and ears on the ground in all of our destinations. Whether you need to re-book, amend part of your trip, or require assistance in case of a medical or COVID-related travel emergency, you can take comfort in knowing the Mabey Ski team are just a phone call, WhatsApp, or email away, so all you have to do is look forward to getting out into the mountains.

After a domestic ski season here in Whistler, we have now started accepting international bookings for the 2021/22 season and beyond. Although many borders around the world are still closed, vaccines are rolling out internationally which is looking increasingly more positive for travel during the 2021/22 season and beyond.

No, you will not lose any part of your deposit if you cancel due to COVID-19. We work very closely with all of our suppliers to make sure everyone is happy. We will ensure that your deposit is either refunded if you cancel within 60 days or transferred to a future booking so that you are not out of pocket. Please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions for our full terms.

Due to the nature of our adventures, it is unlikely that you will be headed to any crowded areas. Whilst some new protocols may be new to your usual ski trip – wearing a mask in a lift line – most of us have become accustomed to these new protocols in every day life now. All our partners have taken important and thorough steps in improving their COVID-19 policy, including increased sanitization and cleaning, strict contact tracing and reduced capacity.

If you know what you're looking for and where you want to go, we recommend booking your trip 6 to 12 months in advance. The demand for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 winter season in the Northern Hemisphere is higher than usual due to previously postponed trips and the strong desire to travel again. We have made sure that our cancellation policies will leave your mind at rest, and are providing more flexibility with regards to changes and cancellations than previous years. If your trip is cancelled due to COVID-19, Mabey Ski is here to make sure you are not left out of pocket. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

We’re wearing masks on public transport and it’s just the same on mountain transport. As skiers and snowboarders, we are already used to covering our faces to stay warm so it’s a fairly minor adjustment. Ski resorts and accommodation have put social distancing measures in place, and all our partners have increased their sanitization protocols. We have seen first-hand here in Whistler that the overall experience of a ski trip is just as good as it ever was. After months of peering out at the world from behind a mask, what could be better than filling your lungs with fresh mountain air?

This depends on a lot of factors including your home country, travel destination and the relevant restrictions. With the widespread vaccine programs being rolled out globally, international travel is looking ever-more likely for the 2021/22 season and beyond. Please refer to your local government's website for further information relating to your home country's regulations.

We are here for you

Getting off-the-beaten-track is at the heart of Mabey Ski. Long before entering our newly socially-distanced world, we wanted to get away from it all just because we could. We’re excited to take you away from the crowds, where you can stand on the mountaintop once again and breathe in that fresh alpine air.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding coronavirus and international travel, please reach out to us below. You can find our full COVID-19 terms within our Booking Terms & Conditions.