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It doesn’t get much more remote than Baffin Island. Situated in the North Eastern province of Nunavut, immerse yourself in local Inuit culture, ski first descents under the midnight sun, encounter Arctic wildlife at the floe edge and eat freshly caught Arctic char sashimi for lunch.

Possibly the most unique and isolated adventure ski destination out there, Baffin island is the ideal location for someone looking for something a little different out of their heli-skiing experience. Huge granite walls towering above ancient glaciers, wide open treeless bowls and steep couloirs ensure there is terrain for all skiers and boarders. Dog sledding, Inuit throat singing performances, snowmobiling and searching for polar bears at the ice floe edge are just some of the non-ski activities that make Baffin Island stand out as one of our favourite off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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