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If you like your backcountry skiing with Instagram-breaking views, look no further than New Zealand. The season here is slightly shorter than elsewhere but don’t be fooled – dramatic vistas, diverse activities, fabulous food and friendly locals mean New Zealand’s ski trips are a match for anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. And for those looking to explore New Zealand’s endless terrain, heli-skiing is an absolute must. Carve fresh lines through the powder on these longer, more remote runs and you’ll discover what really sets a New Zealand ski experience apart – the exhilarating and utterly intoxicating sense of freedom.

— Untouched heli-ski terrain that goes on for miles

— Fresh tracks away from the crowds

— Explore New Zealand's glaciers and blue ice caves

All of our ski adventures are custom-made so let us know if you've got any other ideas up your sleeve, or want some more inspiration...


Heli-skiing and lunch on top of a mountain with nobody for miles around are memories that will stay with me forever! That and running around Lake Wanaka at sundown with clear skies – might be the best running trail I’ve ever been on - thanks Mabey Ski.


The most personalised trip I’ve ever been on. I would never have thought of a day’s wine tasting on a ski holiday but it turns out it’s the perfect way to rest your legs in the middle of a week of skiing!


Mabey Ski has an exceptional eye for detail and no request was considered too difficult. There were so many personal touches, and I loved too that we were fitted for skis and boots in our own apartment – it really took away the stress of it all!


We booked our honeymoon to New Zealand through Nickie at Mabey Ski. After just one chat she really got us, and suggested perfect options to match our preferred holiday style. I haven’t experienced this level of personalisation before. Nickie really understood our needs – fine wine, fine food and plenty of relaxing in idyllic settings amongst all the skiing!


A super easy, well-informed planning phase, with ideas suggested – never forced. We’re two active guys who were keen to explore the outback of New Zealand. We fitted in plenty of skiing and après ski, and on our days off we managed to hike and run trails in some of the most beautiful scenery. All made possible by recommendations and planning ahead.


It was our first time in New Zealand and any expectations (which were already high) were exceeded. We received lots of insightful information around activities we had in mind as well as new ideas and suggestions. The perfect balance of inspiration alongside practical, efficient support. Hands down one of the best trips we’ve ever been on!

an Unforgettable Adventure Backcountry Skiing

New Zealand is one of the most stunning areas for backcountry skiing, filled with dramatic landscapes, snow capped peaks and panoramic views around the Southern alps its an adventure of a lifetime. Picture yourself carving down the powder slopes through untouched terrain with the crisp air whistling past you and the backdrop that can only be described as a Transcendent moment in your lifetime.

Why Ski New Zealand’s Backcountry?

Skiing New Zealand’s backcountry is an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers, the vast open wilderness, untouched snow, towering mountains, rugged snow capped peaks and beautiful terrain as far as the eye can see. This is a moment that will last a lifetime, escaping the crowds and skiing some of the most remote locations around the world, challenging yourself along the way in beautiful nature.

Heli Skiing Equipment Required

Warm and waterproof clothing: This includes a ski jacket, pants, base and mid layers, gloves and hat. Ski or snowboard gear: If you choose not to rent, bring your skis/board, boots, goggles and poles. Protective gear: A helmet is necessary Personal items: Bring items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm to protect yourself from the sun and wind. Avalanche Safety Gear: Backcountry environments are where avalanches occur so you need the right safety gear like an Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel and Probe Backpack or Avalanche Airbag: An essential for providing extra safety by helping you stay on the surface during an earthquake Food and water: Pack enough food and water to keep yourself nourished and hydrated throughout the day. First Aid Kit: Bring some band-aids, painkillers, and any other necessary medication. Insurance: Make sure to have travel insurance that covers heli-skiing, as well as emergency evacuation coverage. Camera: Capture the beautiful views and memories.

Your Backcountry Ski Guides

Mabey Ski creates out-of-the-ordinary ski adventures across the globe that push boundaries and challenge the conventional. We practise what we preach and ski all over the world to find those unmarked backcountry huts, mountainside hot springs, and larger-than-life ski guides that become lifelong friends, so that we can create the most authentic and exhilarating ski adventure for you. Our knowledge and creativity come from years of experience in the industry, an unrelenting passion for our work and experiencing our adventures first-hand. From cat-skiing by the ocean and mountain top wine tasting, to heli-skiing first descents and catching rainbow trout for dinner, we’re on a never-ending journey to build deeper connections with a place and its people.

Backcountry Beautiful Scenery

Skiing the backcountry in New Zealand you’ll come across some of the most dramatic, inspiring landscape and scenery in the world. Away from the crowds exploring unspoilt powder snow which is inaccessible by foot creating a sense of unknown awe and wonder which is difficult to find elsewhere. When ski touring around the backcountry of New Zealand you’ll be experiencing some of the world's most beautiful glaciers, alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains and rugged valleys which tell an all inspiring story for New Zealand's raw natural beauty and unique geology making it the ideal destination for backcountry skiing.

New Zealand's Local Culture

New Zealand's unique blend of Maori traditions and modern Western culture offers a diverse range of experiences immersing you in the local culture, from the booming local art culture in Wanaka to Queenstown's blend of glowing spirit and nightlife and a diverse range of international cuisine. After your day of adventure skiing, wind down and embrace the local culture, fully immersing yourself in the New Zealand community and connecting with the local people.


We've travelled across New Zealand to bring you a selection of our favourite properties -- from luxurious mega-chalets to homely bed and breakfasts hosted by local Kiwis.