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Meet The Team

Nickie Mabey

Role: CEO and Founder
Location: Whistler, Canada
Nationality: British

With four generations of family skiers behind her it’s no surprise Nickie’s parents had skis on her feet as soon as she could walk. And with that kind of heritage she was destined to find her calling on the slopes.

Founding Mabey Ski was a dream 15 years in the making for Nickie ― time she spent acquiring the knowledge and experience she’d need, working ski seasons across the globe exploring new cultures, organising large-scale corporate events, and creating bespoke itineraries for ski and luxury travel agencies.

Nickie is ‘hands on’ when it comes to Mabey Ski adventures too, scouting out small backcountry lodges, dreaming up new ideas with guides and gathering insider tips from partners that make guests feel like locals.

When she isn’t in the backcountry in search of fresh tracks, you’ll find her swimming in the local lakes, hiking trails, or falling off her mountain bike.

Favourite ski experience: There are a few, but I’ll narrow it down to two. Skiing waist-deep powder with a local guide in Rusutsu, Japan, where we skied fresh lines all day long and finished with a dip in a mountainside onsen (hot spring). And more recently an overnight basecamp in BC’s backcountry where we built a snow table, cooked a gourmet BBQ and watched the sun set behind our campsite ― one of my favourite ski trips since living in Whistler.

Favourite piece of gear: My Osprey 30L pack ― it’s super comfy in the backcountry, and I always ride with it in resort too as it has a hydration reservoir with an insulated pocket to stop it from freezing. Lots of pockets for snacks and duct tape too.

Favourite après-ski drink and snack: You can’t beat a Caesar from Dusty’s in Whistler (Creekside). As far as snacks go, a plate of gyozas dipped in soy, vinegar and ginger.

What’s on your bucket list: To ski all 7 continents. So far I’ve skied in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Next, I want to ski tour in Chile and Peru and experience the local culture ― donkeys can even take your skis up to the alpine whilst you hike up. Then I’m aiming to ski in Antarctica in November 2023.

Nicole Samsom-Kapp

Role: Adventure Designer
Location: Whistler, Canada
Nationality: Canadian

Qualifications: AST Level  2, Hard Ice Level 2, Adventure Guide Studies

Nicole was born and raised in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. She grew up in Vancouver, where she spent as much time as she could exploring the local and surrounding ski hills. She fell in love with traveling, and eventually decided to make a career out of exploring new places. She moved to Iceland to complete a certificate in Adventure Guiding, where she crossed glaciers, skied fjords and camped under the northern lights.  After living there for a year, she moved back to BC to travel and work in the most beautiful places along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Nicole is passionate about giving people the opportunity to explore off the beaten path.

Favourite ski experience: Backcountry skiing in Iceland was hands down the greatest experience of my life. Starting from the shore of the North Atlantic, I was able to tour incredible fjords. With a complete lack of trees, you never lose sight of the spectacular ocean view below.

Favourite piece of gear: My Jetboil has gone with me on endless adventures. It has fed me and kept me warm on the coldest nights and I will never go on a trip without it. 

Favourite après-ski drink and snack: As someone born and raised in BC, I am a die hard fan of a Shaft. As for food, you can often find me at Earls’ happy hour in Whistler, snacking on the tofu sushi tacos.

What’s on your bucket list: I would love to experience back-to-back winters and be able to ski all year round. Skiing a season in Canada, then spending a winter in Australia or New Zealand is definitely a dream of mine.

Mateo Abascal

Role: Ski Instructor/Guide and Concierge
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
Nationality: Argentine / Canadian

Born and raised in the Argentine Patagonia, Mateo grew up skiing and hiking in the Andes Mountains. After moving to Canada and completing his studies at the University of Toronto, Mateo became obsessed with outdoor travel and exploration, visiting over 50 countries, hiking and skiing anywhere a slope presented itself. His unique world perspective, upbeat demeanour, and can-do attitude along with his profound ski talent made him the ideal winter hospitality host.

Favourite ski experience: How do I narrow this down to one!? Skiing with friends is always memorable. Ripping through chest deep pow for 2 months straight in Hokkaido’s 2018 winter. Being up at Temple Basin (hike in resort) when a storm hit and they decide to run the rope tows at night. Helping a client beat their fear and fall in love with the sport. The list goes on!

Favourite piece of gear: My thirst-aid flask.

Favourite après-ski drink and snack: Can’t beat a beer and a bowl of ramen after a big day of touring.

What’s on your bucket list: I’ve started exploring the Andes of Argentina and I’d like to do some skiing at altitude there. Heli-skiing in Canada is the obvious answer though.

Laurie Almond

Role: Ski Instructor/Guide and Concierge
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
Nationality: British

Qualifications: BASI Level 2 Instructor, Level 3 Teach, Level 3 Mountain Safety, Race Coach and Mogul Coach. Junior GB Skier Cross Coach and Slalom Race Coach.

From a young age Laurie has always been in pursuit of a new experience, in search for a moment that could be etched in his mind. Brought up in Manchester, but with Europe at his doorstep, he quickly became a highly trained instructor, race coach and host. His dedication to the snowsports service industry has brought Laurie around the world, giving him a chance to experience a variety of different cultures and personalities. Laurie is an expert in curating unforgettable experiences and building meaningful connections.

Favourite ski experience:  In January 2017 I was standing on top of the infamous super ridge of Niseko, Japan. It was a pristinely cold night with a constant blanket of snow falling, gifting us with unlimited refills. To my left ‘Rocky’, a Shiba Husky, buried to his neck beaming with joy. To my right a group of winter enthusiasts carefully planning how they’ll make their mark on the white canvas of super ridge. Head torches on, we all in one beautiful moment set off into the floodlit night. A choir of ‘woo hoos’ and ‘send its’ spill down the mountain, as champagne powder bellows silently over our heads.

Favourite piece of gear: Duct tape. This may seem like a bit of a boring answer, however duct tape has been a life saver through the years. Fixing, strapping, patching ― you name it ― duct tape can fix it.

Favourite après-ski drink and snack: A hip flask of Ron Zacapa, a 23yr old Guatemalan rum. It warms the spirit and keeps the fear at bay. My favourite mountain snack is a Nigiri, a sweet tofu wrapped block of rice. Sugar, protein and carbohydrates all in one bite.

What’s on your bucket list: Next on the bucket list is to visit Patagonia. Endless wild landscapes, paths untrodden by the masses, towering snow-capped mountains and turquoise glacial lakes. Let’s goooooo!