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Funniest Ski Wipeouts Of All Time

From slipping off the lift to a full on yard sale over a black mogul run, bails on the ski hill come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, the advent of wearable action cameras and smartphones has enabled our loving friends to film our failures, edit them, and upload them to YouTube, before we’ve even made it back to the chalet. 


So, with that in mind, I present the best of what the internet has to offer. 

Scottish Ski Lifts

Starting out with these Scottish lads having fun times with the lifties! Drag lifts are super common in the highlands, and I’m sure we can all remember our first time trying to master one. Unfortunately, it’s even more tricky for snowboarders, as these newbies found out.  



Breaking Records

This next clip pushes the phrase “taking it too far” to an all-together new height. Skier Jamie Pierre set the world record with this absolutely terrifying 255ft cliff drop in the Wyoming backcountry, even skiing away from it with a smile. 



The Amateur Attempt

Closely followed by this skier’s unintentional similar attempt. If there was ever a reason not to follow tracks into the unknown, this is it! 



Runaway Skis

Most of us have lost a ski at some point. The sinking feeling of watching it shoot down the fall line faster than a startled marmotte is bad enough, but the walk of shame after is something else! Luckily, not many of us have lost one two turns into a huge backcountry descent and had to call the heli in to help, like this unfortunate skier: 



Pros Bail Too!

Heading over to the darkside for this next one. The crew riding with Travis Rice are always pushing it. In this clip from the filming of the epic The Fourth Phase we see pretty much all of them take a hit, or two! 



Greatest Saves

And finally, if all this failing has you down, check out these skiers who managed to keep it together, even as everything went wrong. 



Skiing and snowboarding has always been about pushing your limits a little. From the first run down a bunny hill all the way to charging steep chutes in the high alpine, it’s always just outside your comfort zone. That’s what makes skiing so addictive. It’s what makes snowboarders keep coming back for more. It’s why, even as little kids, we enjoy sliding down the slope on our sledges.


So, while we sit back and enjoy a few crash reels, it’s good to remember that whilst crashing will always be a part of winter sports, it’s the getting back up and going again that make skiers and snowboarders such a tenacious bunch, and such good fun to be around!