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Norway Skiing Season – Ultimate Guide

From the southern reaches to the northernmost peaks, embark on a journey to explore Norway’s captivating ski season, where every turn on the slopes promises an unforgettable winter experience.


When is ski season in Norway?


Norway’s Ski Season Dates

In general, the ski season in Norway kicks off in December and extends through April. During these months you can expect reliable snow cover in many parts of the country. 

Regional variations in Ski Seasons

The timing of the ski season in Norway can vary depending on the region and local climate conditions. Southern Norway, including Oslo and Telemark, the ski season typically begins in December to March. While Central Norway and the fjord region can open as early as November and extend into April. Northern Norway on the other hand, including destinations like Tromsø and Finnmark, often experience an earlier season starting with ski resorts opening times in October/November and lasting until May. In Northern Norway, the prime season for off-piste skiing and ski touring typically extends from the end of February through to May. 

What months can you ski in Norway? 

The ski season generally spans from late autumn to early spring, with specific timings of course depending on the region. If you’re thinking about booking your next ski trip in Norway, let’s take you through some of the peak months and when to expect the best powder. 


Peak skiing months in Norway

When planning your trip it’s crucial to know the peak months to ensure you’re not missing out on the fun! Peak skiing months typically fall between January and March. However, with some mountains and resorts with higher altitude, peak season will fall from December.

Spring begins to approach in late March, as a rule of thumb this is when the snow starts to soften for a lot of the resorts. So, if you’re after the crisp air and snowfall, December – February is the perfect time to book. 


Powder Months 

For the powder fanatics, we got you covered. If you’re seeking the thrill of untouched snow you should plan your visit during the prime powder months in Norway. 

Central and Northern regions will often see excellent powder conditions between late December to March, however, the resorts with a higher altitude the powder months can extend from November to April. 

The Fjord region usually aligns with the national schedule, making December to April the ideal period for those chasing powder. 


Summer Skiing in Norway 

Traditional skiing season starts to wind down in late spring, however, Norway offers a unique opportunity for summer skiing. Folgefonna glacier, Stryn, located in western Norway provides summer skiing experiences. Looking for a bikini or swim shorts skiing trip? Summer skiing typically occurs from May to July, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the slopes while getting a tan. 


Norway’s Skiing Culture 

Norway’s skiing culture goes beyond the slopes, incorporating traditions, customs, and a distinctive apres-ski experience that reflects the charm of the country. Norway has a rich skiing heritage deeply rooted in its history and culture. Let us take you through some traditions and customs associated with skiing in the country. 

Skiing traditions and customs in Norway

There’s several ski festivals happening throughout the ski season, one of the world’s oldest ski festivals is held annually in Oslo. Holmenkollen ski festival showcases traditional Norwegian skiing events, including cross-country and ski jumping. 

You might also have come across Telemark skiing. With origin in Telemark, Norway. This style of skiing involves a distinctive free-heel technique, and there’s competitions and festivals celebrating this traditional form of the sport. 

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the apres-ski. You will find a vast variety of different approaches to apres-ski in Norway. Some will take on the concept of hygge, creating a social and warm atmosphere, located in warm cabins surrounded by crackling fires and comfortable lounges providing a welcoming space for skiers to unwind. If you’re after a party after your day on the slopes, do not worry. Norwegian resorts typically have lively bars close to the slopes, you might call it ski-in-ski-out set up. Many ski resorts host live music and entertainment, and are typically quickly crowded when the lifts are closing up for the day. 

Norway’s Skiing Resorts

Norway boasts a diverse range of skiing resorts, each offering unique experiences and stunning landscapes. Let us take you through some of the top Norwegian ski resorts. 

Lyngen Alps 

Located in Northern Norway and famous for its off-piste and backcountry skiing. Lyngen Alps will not disappoint when it comes to majestic fjord views and challenging terrain for experienced skiers. It offers incredible land & boat based, backcountry powder ski touring, if you’re looking for split boarding above the Arctic Circle, Lyngen Alps is for you! 

Location: Northern Norway.


Off-Piste Paradise: Known for its off-piste and backcountry skiing, providing a thrilling experience for advanced skiers.

Fjord Views: Offers majestic views of fjords, combining the thrill of skiing with stunning natural surroundings.


Ski touring? Lofoten has it. With its vast area, Lofoten offers a unique skiing experience. If you want to experience the Norwegian backcountry, Lofoten is up there, with the mountains meeting the sea, it’s truly beautiful. 

Location: Northern Norway.


Coastal Scenery: Lofoten offers a unique skiing experience against a backdrop of mountains meeting the sea.

Limited Skiing: While skiing options are limited, the coastal setting provides a distinctive atmosphere for winter sports.



Located in Eastern Norway, and one of the largest ski resorts in Norway. It contains a varied terrain suitable for all levels. Trysil has an extensive network of slopes and modern facilities, whether you’re after black slopes, the park or substantial woodland trails, Trysil has it all. 

Location: Eastern Norway.


Size and Variety: Trysil is one of the largest ski resorts in Norway, offering a vast expanse of slopes suitable for all skill levels.

Family-Friendly: Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with dedicated areas for beginners and children.

Modern Facilities: The resort boasts modern facilities, including ski schools, rental shops, and comfortable accommodations.



Near Lillehammer, Eastern Norway, which hosted the alpine skiing events during the 1994 Winter Olympics. Hafjell has excellent facilities and stunning views with varied terrain and family-friendly slopes. 

Location: Near Lillehammer, Eastern Norway.


Olympic Legacy: Having hosted alpine skiing events during the 1994 Winter Olympics, Hafjell has a storied history.

Scenic Beauty: Situated in a picturesque location, skiers can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Varied Terrain: Offers a mix of slopes, from gentle runs suitable for beginners to challenging descents for experts.


Known for its summer skiing on the Folgefonna glacier offers a unique opportunity for skiing amidst the breathtaking fjord landscapes. With the most impressive views, Stryn is located in western Norway in the Sogn and Fjordane region. 

Location: Western Norway.


Summer Skiing: Stryn is unique for its summer skiing opportunities on the Folgefonna Glacier, allowing enthusiasts to ski against a backdrop of fjords.

Breathtaking Landscapes: Skiers can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Norwegian fjords while indulging in their favourite winter sport.



Located in Eastern Norway, Kvitfjell exhibits different slopes, well-groomed trails and excellent snow conditions. And not to mention hosted events during the 1994 Winter Olympics. 

Location: Eastern Norway.


Olympic Heritage: Having hosted events during the 1994 Winter Olympics, Kvitfjell is internationally recognized.

Well-Groomed Trails: Known for its well-groomed slopes, providing excellent conditions for skiers of all levels.



Bucket list? Located in Southern Norway, also known as the “Scandinavian Alps”. Hemsedal offers a mix of family-friendly slopes and challenging terrain. Want to experience the best apres-ski party? Then Hemsedal will not disappoint. 

Location: Southern Norway.


Scandinavian Alps: Often referred to as the “Scandinavian Alps,” Hemsedal offers a diverse range of slopes against a backdrop of stunning mountains.

Family and Expert-Friendly: The resort caters to families with gentle slopes and also provides challenging terrain for experienced skiers.



Voss is known to be the largest ski resort in Western Norway, and has slopes of all skiing levels. With a variety of slopes, terrain parks and a great apres-ski scene. The resort consists of two areas, one by the gondola in the town centre and one in Bavallen. 

Location: Western Norway.


Fjord Surroundings: Nestled amid stunning fjords, Voss provides a unique skiing experience with breathtaking views.

Varied Offerings: From diverse slopes to terrain parks, Voss appeals to skiers of various preferences.

Vibrant Après-Ski: The resort boasts a lively après-ski scene with entertainment and traditional Norwegian hospitality.



Located in Western Norway and known for its reliable snow conditions, Myrkdalen offers a range of slopes for all levels. It’s perfect for the ones looking for quieter slopes, perfect for beginners but also for those seeking quiet off-piste adventures. 

Location: Western Norway.


Reliable Snow Conditions: Myrkdalen is known for its consistent and reliable snow conditions throughout the season.

All-Level Slopes: The resort offers a range of slopes catering to skiers of all skill levels.



Located in Central Norway and is one of the oldest ski resorts in Norway. Geilo is also known for a kite-skiers paradise, perfect for those who want to try out another skiing adventure. 

Location: Central Norway.


Historical Significance: As one of the oldest ski resorts in Norway, Geilo has a rich history in winter sports.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, it offers a mix of slopes suitable for all ages.



Southern Norway, this family-friendly ski resort offers slopes for beginners and intermediates. With over 42.5km of available slopes, there’s truly something for everyone, it’s also excellent for those who want to try out cross-country skiing. 

Location: Southern Norway.


Family-Friendly: Hovden is well-suited for families, with slopes catering to beginners and intermediates.

Cross-Country Opportunities: Apart from downhill skiing, the resort offers excellent cross-country skiing options.


Skiing and Northern lights? Then, Narvikfjellet is for you.This arctic resort offers a unique experience with views overlooking the sea, also known as the mecca of free riding.

Location: Northern Norway.


Arctic Skiing Experience: Offers a unique Arctic skiing experience with slopes overlooking the seaside.

Northern Lights: Skiers may have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in this northernmost resort.



With over 56 km of slopes available, Oppdal is a snow-secure ski resort that stretches over four different mountains. As one of the largest resorts, Oppdal provides terrain for all levels. 

Location: Central Norway.


Size and Diversity: As one of the largest resorts, Oppdal provides diverse terrain for skiers of all levels.

Extensive Facilities: The resort boasts a range of facilities, including ski schools and modern accommodations.



Looking for the best off-piste experience in Norway? You might find yourself at Strandafjellet ski resort. With its amazing fjord views, Strandafjellet offers a variety of skiing experiences, the large amounts of snowfalls enables great powder opportunities throughout the season.

Location: Western Norway.


Stunning Fjord Views: Known for its spectacular fjord views, providing a scenic backdrop for skiing adventures.

Off-Piste Opportunities: Offers opportunities for off-piste skiing and thrilling descents.

Planning Your Ski Adventure 

Planning a ski adventure to Norway involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Research and choosing a resort that aligns with your skiing preferences, whether you’re seeking family-friendly slopes, challenging terrain, backcountry powder or powder extravaganza. 

Make sure to select the month most suitable for the skiing adventure you’re after. Factoring in weather conditions and the specific activities you want to enjoy. 


Create your perfect Skiing Experience in Norway

Are you ready to create unforgettable memories in the Norwegian backcountry or perhaps a ski-touring adventure? Mabey Ski will help you organise and get you ready for an exhilarating adventure in beautiful Norway. Your perfect ski adventure tailored for you awaits!