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What To Buy The Skier Who Has Everything

We all have that friend or family member, the avid skier who is notoriously hard to buy for. They already have their preferred equipment, along with many previous seasons worth of ski gear. So, to help out with their next present, we’ve come up with a short list of ideal skiing gifts!

Number 1: Carv Ski Coaching Insole

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This new product from Carv measures the forces put through your foot and feeds back to an app that helps coach you for more powerful and efficient skiing. Perfect for the skier that wants to constantly improve. The Carv insole allows you to measure the exact position of your weight at any point through the turn, providing instant feedback and a whole host of cool metrics about your skiing. Plus, they can go underneath your custom insoles, so no need to sacrifice comfort! 

Number 2: Epic Thermal Slippers

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From chalet boot rooms to tents on glaciers, a good pair of these slippers will make life a bit more comfortable. Designed to be warm, light, and easily packable, these bootie slippers are excellent everywhere. 

Number 3: Backcountry Multi-Tool

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Perfect for the more adventurous skiers. Not only are they incredibly handy, the modern multi-tools are exceptionally hardwearing and weigh very little. Perfect for quickly fixing/adjusting boots, bindings, skins, and a huge myriad of uses around camp. Personally, I love the Signal from Leatherman. It’s ideal for the outdoors, has a bunch of accessories for specific uses, and Leatherman will even engrave the blade for you! 

Number 4: Send them on an Avalanche Awareness Course

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While it’s a bit different, this gift will enable your resort bound friends to take their first steps into the backcountry, and there is no greater gift than that. Covering the basics of companion rescue and avalanche hazards, these courses endow you with great knowledge that will help you get out and ride amazing snow with your friends. 

USA Providers: https://avtraining.org

Canada Providers: https://www.avalanche.ca

European Providers: There are several to choose from including English ones that operate both in the UK and the Alps. 

Number 5: A subscription to Sidetracked magazine

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Print’s not dead yet, and with smaller distribution lots of publishers have started to produce incredible quality magazines. The photography and journalism in these is next level and well worth burying yourself in a story or two. If a subscription seems a little too spread out, some publishers are also producing annuals that contain a huge volume of articles that will keep you going all winter! Sidetracked is a more adventure focused magazine, featuring articles from all sorts of amazing expeditions. Perfect inspiration for your next mountain escape.

Number 6: The Man Behind The Maps

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Every resort in the world produces a new piste map for each season. They are intricate, interesting, and sort of bend the rules of cartography to suit their needs… and only a few people in the world actually draw them! Featuring over 200 maps by James Niehues, this awesome coffee table book delves deep into the technical and creative sides of mapping your favourite resorts. It is perfect for the resort skier in your life! 

Number 7: Bosu / Balance Ball


These strange looking bits of kit are excellent tools to help you prepare your legs for hours on the hill. Performing basic exercises on this unstable surface helps strengthen and stabilise your joints, preparing you for the uneven loading that skiing produces. They can even be used to help with stretching as well! 

A Really Special Gift: 

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For the skier that really, truly, has it all, why not book them on a bucketlist ski adventure with Mabey Ski. From ski touring volcanoes in Japan to heli-skiing alongside icebergs in the Canadian Arctic, we create ski adventures you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Head to the Mabey Skis Adventures page to discover more.