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This Mabey family obsession inspired Dorothy’s great-granddaughter, Nickie, to found Mabey Ski – a bespoke travel agency specialising in personalised ski and snowsport holidays.

Every immersive Mabey Ski experience is unique, designed by our travel experts in close collaboration with each guest to create a personal and truly inspiring blend of luxury and discovery.


A Mabey Ski experience will take you from the peaceful calm of a deserted peak to the bustling noise of a local market. From endless vistas and secluded mountain lakes to the thrill of the mountain’s edge and the cosy warmth of a tucked away bar. Our boutique hotels have been handpicked for their effortless style and laid-back comfort, and our apartments welcome you with the crackle of open log fires. We know because we’ve tried and tested every experience we create.

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Made for those who want more than just powder and a ski pass, we’ll get you off the beaten track, away from the crowds, to discover the real heartbeat of a place. Our experts will help you to uncover the unexpected and see a whole new side to ski holidays, with touches designed to make it uniquely yours.


With a Mabey Ski experience, skiing is just the beginning.
Because the adventure shouldn’t end when the slope does...




Thinking off-piste is best...

That means anticipating the things our guests need or the experiences they’ll love before they’ve even realised themselves. We live to surprise.

Every experience (like every run) is different...

We really listen. Because listening lets us provide a truly personal service and an experience to match our guests’ ambitions – whatever mountain they’re trying to climb.

Pushing ourselves drives us forward...

We're always seeking the new and unexpected. Pushing our own boundaries lets us create more inspiring and memorable experiences for our guests.

A local’s eye is key...

We’ve gathered inside knowledge on all our destinations in the only way we know how – first-hand experience.