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Furano is home to some of the best powder skiing in Hokkaido…


Located on Japan’s northernmost island, Furano is often overlooked by more tourist driven areas. Because of this, Furano has become a hidden gem. With champagne powder and rich culture, Furano is a wonderful escape from the crowds, and also offers endless activities both on and off the slopes.

Furano Ski Resort is made up of 2 connecting ski zones: Furano and Kitanomine. The area is home to unbelievable backcountry and natural hot springs which can be accessed by ski touring or snowshoeing. Off the ski hill you can try snowmobiling, go ice fishing or even take a hot air balloon ride (if the weather allows!). 

Backcountry ski adventures

Escape the crowds and discover untouched champagne powder

These are just a few ski trips based around Furano. Contact us to create your own Furano ski adventure.

Take me to Furno


Step into the winter wonderland of your dreams. Waist deep powder that you can carve through like a hot knife in butter. Snow covered trees and stunning mountain tops scattered across your view. Spend a day weaving through the magical Hokkaido backcountry to a hidden natural hot spring for a quick dip.