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The Ultimate Ski Bucket List

The bucket list – is something we are obsessed with at Mabey Ski. The ultimate expression of your goals and desires in life. Whether yours comprises of heli-skiing from the back of a private yacht, celebrating a milestone birthday wine tasting on top of a mountain or camping out and skiing under the midnight sun in the arctic, we are here to help you not only tick off your bucket list but to inspire you to never stop adding to it.
 Skiing has the power to not only bring you to some of the most spectacular locations on earth but to exhilarate and immerse yourself within those places. Whatever is on your list, we can make it happen – we have years of experience helping our guests create the best memories of their lives with these incredible bucket list ski trips and cannot wait to help make yours. Life is an adventure, make it extraordinary.

Ski into the Crater of a Volcano

There are a few places in the world you can do this (and for starters I would strongly recommend a dormant volcano!), but one of the safest and most beautiful volcanoes to ski into is Mt Yotei. This trip is one of the gems in the Japanese touring crown, a whole day mission of hiking; out of the valley, through the birch trees and into the alpine where you can transition at the top and ski down into the mouth of the volcano.

This tour is a challenging full-day expedition for those who already have solid touring experience. It takes 5 – 7 hours to hike up depending on your level of fitness and the snow conditions which can vary from ice to powder, or even a breakable crust. Skiing into the crater is a surreal feeling and a tremendously fun 200m vertical drop. Having said that, once you get down, you’ll have to climb back up…

Nothing beats a thermos of tea, a few Onigiri and some dark chocolate on top of a mountain before you ski down the side of a volcano into the township below. In fact, the only way to finish this day off perfectly is at the onsen… which is another story. Find out what it’s like first-hand to ski on a volcano – or four – in Nickie’s journal.

Heli-ski from your private yacht

Already been heli-skiing? Looking for something that nobody else has done? Then yacht-based heli-skiing might be for you. Spend 8 days heli-skiing from the deck of your luxurious private 138’ Catamaran, the MV Cascadia in the fjords of Bella Coola, BC. Heli-ski pristine untouched powder runs and ski and name first descents from the deck of your yacht from a different private anchorage each day, 8 private cabins, with daily massages, private chef, top-deck hot tub and much more included.

Just imagine taking off for a day of heli-skiing in mountains that have never seen a skier before, naming your runs and then flying back to your private yacht and soaking in your roof deck hot tub whilst sipping champagne. This has to be Mabey Ski’s ultimate bucket list experience!

Mabey Ski brings you this completely unique adventure in partnership with Bella Coola Helisports.


Ski the Tasman Glacier

This is an iconic Kiwi snow adventure perfect for intermediate or first-time off-piste skiers who are keen to explore pristine powder and the remote beauty of New Zealand’s South Island. Imagine flying into the mountains by plane and landing at the top of the glacier on fresh snow, clicking into your bindings and skiing fresh tracks for 8 – 10 km… twice! If your powder technique needs a little practice, you will be a certified pro by the end of the day.

When it’s time to rest your legs on the way down your team will have a gourmet picnic lunch prepared with fresh local produce and wine pairings or mulled wine to keep you warm. Then when the adventure continues your guide will show you a secret place where you can ski through bright blue ice caves and wide open crevasses so you can see first hand what it’s like inside a glacier.

Sail and Ski tour the Lyngen Alps, Norway

Ski tour for 7 days in the breathtaking Lyngen Alps in northern Norway. Staying in the luxurious and cozy Lyngen Lodge, you’ll boat, drive and tour right from the lodge to ski summit-to-sea lines like you’ve never skied before. This trip is for the refined adventurer who wants to get out into the wild landscapes and ski amazing lines, and then retreat back to the luxury of a fully catered lodge.

Looking to celebrate a special milestone, or have a romantic adventure getaway? This is the trip for you. Watch the Northern Lights from the outdoor hot tub, dine on locally raised reindeer and ski down to glistening fjords at sunset. This is no normal ski lodge trip, and you may be surprised at what great value it is.

Sail and Ski Tour the Lyngen Alps here



Mabey Ski Weber arctic basecamp with igloos, helicopter & snowplough

Heli-ski under the arctic midnight sun

Become one of the select few to stay, heli-ski and snowmobile under Baffin Island’s midnight sun. This 7-day expedition is so much more than just heli-skiing where few ever have. You will be transported to another world, exploring the striking fjords and immense glaciers of Canada’s remote and wild Arctic from your purpose-built basecamp.

Your basecamp might be remote, but you will be treated to 5-star service and dining throughout your stay. You will ski un-named peaks, ski under the midnight sun, snowmobile to the floe edge and eat freshly caught arctic char sashimi. This completely out-of-this-world experience is run by Mabey Ski in partnership with Weber Arctic and is only run for a few exclusive weeks in Spring for your private group of 8.

Check out this epic arctic adventure here


Our knowledge comes from years of experience in the industry, an unrelenting passion for our work and experience our adventures first-hand, on the ground. From mountain-top wine tasting with vineyard owners, mountaineering with the best guides on the planet, to ice fishing for fresh rainbow trout at sunrise, we are on a never-ending journey to find those special experiences. Our favorite word is YES, so all you need is an idea and a sense of adventure and we will do the rest.  Reach out of us to start making your bucket list a reality.